20.07.2021 United Kingdom

5 day Create the Life You Want Challenge

Sunday, 1st August 2021 from 06:00 to Thursday, 5th August 2021 23:00
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5 day Create the Life You Want Challenge

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People have dreams and ideas of how they would like their lives to be but struggle to make it a reality.

One day, when work is not so demanding I will make sure I have a lunchbreak everyday.
One day when I earn enough I will buy my house
One day when the job situation is better I will look for a new position
One day when I have all the qualifications I will start my business
One day when I’m not so busy I will find an afternoon to play with my children
One day I will have the willpower to start and stick to my diet

And you know what

You suffer from burn out. House prices keep rising. You hate getting up and going to work everyday. There is always another qualification you need. You remain overweight and are unconfident because of your image of yourself. Your children grow up and would rather spend time with their friends.


and join my FREE 5 day challenge to start creating the life you want.

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Knowing what you want is only half the story in creating the life you want

Unless you have the courage and the confidence to move out of your comfort zone you will remain stuck doing what you always do.

MIndset if key to believing you CAN achieve your dreams 

During the 5 day challenge as well as looking at what you would like to achieve you will quieten the voice that tells you ‘You Can’t’

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I love life and I want to help others love their lives too. I have an avid interest in what makes people tick, health and well-being and my audible is usually playing a book around these topics or a biography. Nelson Mandella, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick, Edith Eger, Rochard Branson are some of the…

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