Are your habits stopping you from changing ?

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Are your habits stopping you from changing ?

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I have a shelf full of cook books. Asian, Indian, Moroccan, Vegetarian, Fish, Baking for dinner parties and family meals but I regularly make the same tried and tested dishes and then feel bored of cooking. How ironic.

I know someone who brings the same sandwich for lunch every day (when we used to be able to go into the office)

I know people who have moaned for years about their job but have never made the effort to find another.

And then there are people who go to the same place every year on holiday.

It is a scientific fact that we are creatures of habit and will sit in the same chair, drive the same route, go to the same restaurant.

But in my coaching I meet people who want change, who want to try new things or learn new skills. What has held them back is lack of belief that they have the power to make it happen.

They have, and so do you.

If you want support to change your life why not book a discovery call with me and find out how I can help you.


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