Free Workshop - handling stress

Free Workshop - handling stress

Stress is unavoidable. Some degree of stress is good for us. It keeps us focused and pushes us to get things done. Think about when you see a deadline looming, you are alert, concentrating and motivated.
But, too much stress can make us feel overwhelmed, overworked and over anxious. Continually feeling stressed can lead to longer term health problems such as a heart attack, stroke or diabetes.
Dr Ranjee Chatterjee in his book 'The stress solutions' says that as soon as we wake up we are bombarded by 'Micro Stress Doses', small levels of stress which on their own we can handle, but they can soon build up up to make us feel moody, distracted and frustrated reaching for the alcohol, chocolate or cigarettes.
Instead of doing that why don't you join me on this FREE one-hour practical workshop to learn
*How to recognise your symptoms of stress
*Try some fun and free ways of handling stress
*Why negativity is stressful
*The importance of the words we use to talk to ourselves
Take the first step to understand and change your stress levels
  • Coaching
  • stress alleviation
  • Breathwork

I love life and I want to help others love their lives too.

I have an avid interest in what makes people tick, health and well-being and my audible is usually…

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