What’s your biggest visibility challenge right now? (Brand Photography)

What’s your biggest visibility challenge…

Let me tell you a story about when I first went into business as a Photographer.
It was 2011, I had been working for 21 years as an Engineer for an amazing company that really knew how to look after their staff (treating them like family members), so resigning was an extremely difficult decision … but I knew that if I didn’t follow my childhood dream and become a full-time professional Photographer now, I never would.
I was scared – no, terrified - fearful, nervous and excited all at the same time. I created an additional challenge for myself by deciding to start up my new business in another country … so I packed everything that I could into two large suitcases and two large rucksacks, paid the huge excess baggage charges and flew from a cold, snowy Germany to the heat and sunshine of Dubai !!!
The first 3 months were a rollercoaster, I was charging a ridiculous £5 per hour just to get some bookings and build up my portfolio, but I didn’t care – I loved being my own boss and serving my clients.
It took about a year before I was finally earning enough to pay all of my bills every month, without having to dive into my savings. I kept increasing my prices, and clients (new and old) kept booking me, so I got to the lovely stage of being able to pick and choose – turning down any clients who I didn’t fancy working with, or shoots that didn’t appeal to me, for whatever reason.
Sure, it wasn’t all roses – one of my major clients required their products (rattan furniture) to be photographed outdoors as soon as the new range came out every June / July / August – despite the temperatures hovering between 45C and 55C, and the humidity often between 50% and 90%. It was like working in a sauna (but at least I could wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, rather than a suite and tie) ???? And the photo below from one of their shoots was not supplied to this client, but I couldn’t resist snapping this curious cat that was following me around the gardens of that £15 million villa on Palm Jumeirah, despite the stifling heat.
Part 2 to follow tomorrow ….
I love to see my clients businesses succeed and soar because of the visibility and confidence that I have given to them with a portfolio of superb bespoke images after a Personal Brand Photography shoot.
Are you struggling with your visibility? Tell me in the comments, what’s your biggest visibility challenge right now?

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