Confrontation Should Be Your Best Friend

Palma Palmer, Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor
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Confrontation Should Be Your Best Friend

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Are you Scared Of Confrontation?


It's such a negative word, thought and image.
We associate pain, suffering, hurting people's feelings.
But who will hurt the most the offender or the victim, it's not aggressive to stand up and be respectful to oneself.
We try to avoid confrontation because we are so aware of the consequences.
1.  End of any connection
2.  Causing Pain
3.  Stressful to both parties
4.  Fear
5.  Failure
6.  Stigma
7.  Ridicule  
8.  Humiliation 
9.  Abuse
10. Shame & Guilt

Is it better to hold on to resentment for years which will harm only you long term, or suffer pain, stress short term?

I believe in respecting oneself and standing in one's truth always.
Just have the intention of Love and Kindness firstly to you, then to the other person.
I can not stand misunderstandings and childhood arguments, because the elephant in the room is to hard to face.
Resentment will eventually hit you and the other person in the face, its such a waste of time.
Not confronting will eat you alive, cause you problems and Mental Health, suppressing is not how we manage people.
We don't need to respond with defensive behaviour just mature statements, emphasising how you feel and why?
Being brave with your emotions is Self Esteem and Confidence.
It's not healthy or wise to avoid, just calmy express your hurt or disappointment.
We need to deal with Confrontation in the workplace, home, family.
Let's all learn to be clear and direct with love and empathy.
Banter is not the answer, it shows immaturity.

Let me tell you:
Confrontation Is Not Bad
Disagreeing Is Not Bad

We are individuals not robots with no feelings or emotions.
I'm fed up hearing people are fearful of looking emotional, we have emotions for a reason so share them, in a calm rational manner, not in a destructive anger fuelled manner.

Start with the positives then explain your suffering, let's stop ourselves responding in a defensive manner, just take a breath and stay true to your feelings.

My belief it's not easy or pleasant but a life skill that has to be honoured and learnt.
Don't Avoid Have Courage!

Please contact me for help, I will teach you how to be confident in awkward situations in all areas of your life.


Palma Palmer Palma Palmer Business Coach & Mentor

I'm Palma Palmer.
So good they named me twice.

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