How to create a HOT PROSPECT

How to create a HOT PROSPECT

Creating ‘Hot Prospects’

Following on from the success of the ‘How to convert a Hot Prospect’ workshop, I thought I’d outline the days course and give you all the opportunity to take away a few nuggets of golden information .

Start with the end in mind.

Advertising and lead gen should start with ‘what do you want them to think when they ring you?’ Personally I want people to be thinking, “I want to buy that – I wonder what it costs?” So knowing that is what I want them to think – all my ads list the biggest advantage to my prospect.

Appointment setting.

I like to set my own appointments, for one thing – I refuse to waste my time on tyre kickers. Secondly, I get the feel of exactly what the prospect is looking for. It might be they don’t really want what I’m offering – or – I don’t want what they’re offering in return. Think about it – if they’re looking for the cheapest and not the best – I’m not going.

If I do commit to visiting them, it’ll be set up in a way that benefits me. I will want two or three appointments in the same region, I’ll set the visits to give me enough time to sell and do the paperwork and I’ll make sure the person with the money is in attendance.

Price conditioning.

As far as I am concerned you cannot start the price conditioning process too early. From the outset I want people to see the value I am delivering. So even in the Appointment setting phase I’m asking about their ‘cheapest or best’ considerations. If they just want prices, just collecting quotes or simply thinking about it – I’m not that interested in wasting my time.

If they do want what I’m selling, then I explain I only provide XYZ because it’s the best, I cannot guarantee any other product etc, because somewhere along the line quality is compromised “Does that make sense?” I ask. If they agree – I set the appointment.


I love presenting, the first thing I will do is build rapport. No point presenting to folk with crossed arms. People buy people so make sure they buy you first.

Then I am going to work killing off my competition, covering all the other options my prospects might have considered. I even ask if they would consider these inferior products. Then I will present my products in such a way they see I’m the only game in town…... Once I have done this I ask, “Other than money – would you have it?”

At this point you must get an emphatic YES – otherwise you won’t sign it up.


This ought to be a simple case of saying “SHALL WE DO THE PAPERWORK?”

if it’s not – you need to work on all the steps above. Forget all the ‘olde worlde’ crud you hear about closes, they are gimmicks and the Prospect knows them.

Objection handling.

If you did your presentation properly, you shouldn’t have any. My presentations are geared up to eliminate all the objections I have had in the past. Best way to handle an objection – Don’t let it become one.


It’s one thing to sign up a prospect – but are they likely to cancel?

I ask a couple of questions after the signing up to ensure they will not cancel.

“Are you guys happy with everything we have covered?”

“Are you sure this is the right solution for you guys?”

Then I will cement in their minds what it will be like after they take delivery of XYZ product.

“Remember what I said about…… It’ll look amazing Mary won’t it?” (words to that effect)

Ask for referrals.

Always always ask the prospect if they would be happy to refer friends and neighbours once your job is delivered. But I hasten to add, ‘don’t say anything until it’s installed’(delivered, signed over etc) because there is still the chance a jealous neighbour will talk them out of it. Negativity and jealously play a big role in cancellations and we call it ‘Arrows of the tongue’. So get them to keep schtum until after installation.

Once installed/delivered go back and ask for the friends who are delighted with your customers purchase and have shown an interest. Then start this process all over again – never assume referrals are a straight sign up – they very rarely are.


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