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We Manage all your business finances in one place with Access to funding across Equity, Grants and Loans – and cut your everyday costs.


* Invoice Finance- Up to 100% of your UNPAID Invoice

  • Is your company owed £100k+ from one supplier, reducing your Cashflow and Working Capital?

* FAST TAP- A bespoke Debt/Equity package for companies with potential but are in distress.

  • Is there a Charge on your business, which is restricting your growth?
  • Are you looking to reduce your Company Debt?

* Mezzanine Finance- A hybrid of debt and equity financing that can  be useful for large business projects, buyouts or expansion.


* Special Situation Funds- Equity funds that look to exploit events including spin-offs, mergers, bankruptcy, litigation, succession or shareholder action by buying equity in these businesses.


Funding of £10,000 to £100M

(We are able to see the value of a company in difficult times as well as good).

Whatever your funding needs- Contact me to discuss to see how we can help YOU!


We are offering your clients a NEW way to obtain financial opportunities that can take their business forward into the new world?


COMING SOON- New Style Bridging Loan - Watch This Space


We have a huge range of lenders offering loans to businesses, and they all have different eligibility criteria, application processes and interest rates. Contact ME to Discuss


It’s often possible – though more challenging – to get a business loan if you have a poor credit rating. You may need to offer security or a personal guarantee. Contact ME to Discuss

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