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At Go Live UK we are committed to the online security and peace of mind for every business owner around the world!

Ivan’s business philosophy is to give people the technology to drive their own success without having to worry about their IT partners. Go Live has created IT solutions covering creative web design, website development and client management systems (CMS) that have transformed businesses worldwide and protected them from the growing threat of cyber attacks. He is passionate in particular about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a roadmap of protecting valuable personal information. Ivan’s mission is to create worldwide wealth through using the right IT systems and working closely with his clients.


There are lots of ‘experts’ in the IT world but few can truly claim to be committed and enthusiastic about growing with their clients as Ivan Yordanov. The continual feedback from satisfied clients along with the visible success of so many of them is a strong testimony to both Ivan’s dedication and vision and the power of Go Live. For many growing businesses and those larger well defined ones, Ivan Yordanov has provided them with the tools to grow and flourish. IT technology moves on at a fast pace and Go Live keeps track with it.


As a Managing Director of Go Live UK Ivan Yordanov delivered 1,000+ websites, serviced 1,000,000+ client requests, provided services in 20+ countries located on 4 continents. He also contributed towards distribution of government funding designed to improve significantly the Cyber Security protection of businesses in the UK and abroad. This led to the development of the unique digital platform Cyber Guardian that protects online assets – websites and databases.

Currently Ivan is committed to help businesses to protect their valuable data. As a certified General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) assessor he created unique products that helps companies to comply with the new legislation.

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