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As business owners we have a responsibility for the mental health of our team. Whether that's ensuring they can turn off from work at night, set clear work and life boundaries or they have the confidence to grow into the role you know they can be great at.

I help organisations to offer hypnosis on a 1:1 basis to support individuals issues or in a group setting to liven up a team away day.

At it's best hypnosis gives your employee's an opportunity to clear what is blocking them from succeeding both at work and at home, and at the very least it gives them dedicated time to resolve their biggest needs.

Appreciating their employer's saw their worth to know the whole them is important, not just between working hours or a 'mental health awareness week'. We all know it's unrealistic to leave our personal lives at the door when we come to work and offering a valued member of staff the opportunity to work on themselves can be all they need to be more confident, resilient and happier in all parts of their life. 

If you'd like to disucss more or would like more information please contact me for a free consultation call.


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