???? Are you looking for a quick safe and simple method of drug & alcohol testing that is hygienic & non invasive?

Here at Intelligent Fingerprinting we offer the innovative way forward for businesses that helps with their end to end requirements to drug and alcohol testing their employees. FINGERPRINT TESTING!

Here are some of the key benefits of using our fantastic product:

✔️ Non-invasive and dignified
✔️ Unable to cheat the test and can be easily administered
✔️ Very quick results - instant sample
✔️ Portable, you can test almost anywhere
✔️ Huge cost savings

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Social distancing Drug testing
Fitness for duty
Workplace testing
Random Testing
Pre-Employment testing
For cause testing
Post-incident testing

Where we conduct our Drug and Alcohol testing

Any safety critical environments
Transport & Logistics
Drug Rehabilitation
Offender Management
Care homes


  • Intelligent Fingerprinting

    Fingerprint Drug Testing - Field Sales Exec & Account Manager
    - Current
    Intelligent Fingerprinting

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