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Why do people like us always seek more? 

I am a serial business owner- nothing flash just multiple jobs really. My day to day role, being just about employable is to develop a new start-up business called UVDS who specializes in disinfection lighting. capable of disinfecting 99% of a room in just 90 seconds. If you see yourself benefiting from this feel free to just ask.

Alongside this, I Run 2 more businesses of which are a property business of which is currently focussing on BTL and building cash flow however I am extremely interested in developments for the near future. Along with a clothing brand (LiveAlpha) that brings lots of learning curves to what the latest trends are and awesome social media insights. 

I would like help as I am looking to get to know like-minded people, to learn, and to hopefully give back. Happy to talk further when you're ready.


  • PSI technologies

    Business development leader
    - Current

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