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Being a coach is exactly what you would expect; I spend my week with conscientious, driven and passionate individuals who are CREATING their lives.


I help entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unfocused to grow their business by increasing their resilience and confidence in speaking and networking.

From working with me, my clients find that:

- They communicate more effectively
- They have a greater confidence in speaking and networking to enhance their business.
- They have clear goals
- Their performance in the areas of productivity, structure, accountability and consistency increases within their business.
- They have increased emotional resilience


It all starts with a conversation. Together we explore and discover what inspires you, we look at your goals and then we have a conversation that maximizes your personal and professional potential.


I LOVE the whole process. I love connecting with people and having them succeed.


Look forward to speaking with you!




  • Becca Jermy Coaching

    Business Communication Coach
    - Current


Reflective Mind Co., Professional Coaching Skills

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