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I am on a mission - to help business owners achieve positive change in their business as well as compliance.

I do this by working with business owners, getting to know them and their culture and putting in bespoke solutions that are the right fit for them so their employees see their business as a great place to work.

Providing HR advice and support is not about providing an admin service, it's about getting in there, getting to know the people, talking to them, listening to them, finding out what needs to be done and doing it!

So many business owners like to gamble when it comes to their people. They would rather try and google the advice or pass the HR function to their PA, VA, Finance Director or, take it on themselves. I've never understood this. After all, you wouldn't trust someone who isn't a qualified Accountant to look after your finances so why take the gamble with the people?! - these individuals can make or break your business.

Getting the wrong person in can cost an average of £50K in readvertising and retaining and replacement, as well as the time and stress in exiting the wrong person before they do any more damage.
The cost of defending a claim at an Employment Tribunal can be around £25K - even if you win! Trying to do this area yourself is risky as it can easily eat into your hard earned profits.

Whenever people approach me asking for help, they always talk about issues they've had and say "I never thought it would happen to me". 

Here's where I can help. I am an expert in all people matters and can stop things getting out of hand and make sure you have the right team and culture in place.

Meaning you have happier staff who will be trained to the right standard and be the right fit for your business.

Meaning you get some time back to yourself to spend with your family and to also think about where you want your business to be in the future rather than fire fighting all the time.

Don't take a gamble with your people. You need a Sure Bet solution - So why not give me a call for a Sure Betts HR Solution.

To book a free 30 minute discovery call with me :- 

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