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Wayne Daniels is a comprehensive holistic health and exercise coach, which means he has an advanced system that addresses the WHOLE body with corrective exercise, holistic health practices and lifestyle guidance that creates a pain free and healthy life . This will help you not only get out of pain, also, enhance your capacity to live longer and just function at a higher level in any area of your life. Just come see for yourself. Wayne helps corporate, individuals, health professionals, and fitness trainers.

Wayne’s methods go beyond the long established and standardized methods that do not cut the mustard. Your results will not only to become pain free, but acquire valuable tools, simple practices and essential knowledge to maintain a pain-free and healthy lifestyle into the future so you can live optimally until your last days.




  • Daniels Health & Fitness

    Owner of Daniels Health & Fitness
    1 - 5 Employees 1998 - Current

    Wayne Daniels was born in Oxford, England and spent his first 30yrs there. He then moved to California in the year 2000 to begin a whole new career of health and healing.

    Wayne studied and practiced with the philosophies and methodologies of internationally renowned Paul Chek of the Chek Institute, who has advanced certification programs on health and healing that are at the forefront of the world stage today. With 21yrs of study, practice and a big heart, Wayne has developed and integrated his unique style and techniques to help heal the world.

    Wayne states, his most profound education was derived from the 28 years of self abuse, chronic alcohol addiction and the three near deaths he experienced. He then chose to pick himself up from the brink of death, and learned how to rehabilitate and redeem himself from an array of physical, mental and emotional issues.

    Wayne credits his successful practice from the many priceless life lessons of self healing and his dedication to passionately guiding and teaching others to overcome their health challenges and live a better life.


Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist Level 4 with Chek Institute

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 with Chek Institute

Holistic Life Coach with Journeys of Wisdom

Reiki Master/Energy Healer

Plant Medicine Guide

Interests and Hobbies

Being in nature, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and playing chess with Son Quinton.  

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