• Life coach
  • Polish Interpreter
  • Mediator
  • Restorative Justice Pract.


My passion is about all aspects of life and the journey it brings to us every day. Over the last ten years I have honed and continually developed my coaching skills. And I will continue to expand my expertise through working with many of you being that we are all unique, so no one size fits all.

The diverse experiences attained throughout my professional and personal life have contributed towards my personal growth and development. This has conditioned me into a well-rounded individual appropriately suited to guide and coach you on your journey to achieving happiness and a higher state of wellbeing.

I believe that no matter what your level of ability, you have the potential to develop at any stage during life’s journey and with some direction you CAN realise it. I look forward to supporting you in your transformation, identifying your values, finding your courage and assisting in your achievement of life goals be they little ones or BIG ones.

Therefore my goal is to aid this process so that you love not who you are but who you may become.


  • The Core Life Coaching

    Life Coach
    - Current
  • Subcontractor of The Big Word

    Community Interpreter
    100+ Employees 2010 - Current

    ·         Conveying  languages from Polish into English and English into Polish across NHS services, Social Services and other statutory agencies. 

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