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Surveillance Operator/Process Server                            

Deployment on tasks as a single operator or in teams of up to five persons to provide surveillance for clients to gather evidence on fraud, theft and personal disputes.

Key Tasks

·       Intelligence gathering for businesses to determine insider trading in London and corporate theft.

·       Surveillance of personnel suspected of making fraudulent personal injury claims in the UK and Eastern Europe.

·       Personally owned covert intelligence gathering vehicle able to deploy internationally.

·       Working with companies nationwide to investigate corporate fraud and breaches of company policy.

·       Investigation for private clients in matrimonial disputes.

·       Working as part of an undercover covert investigation team relating to a fraud investigation.

·       Covert surveillance on personnel and locations, both mobile and from static locations.

·       Briefing and de-briefing of surveillance teams and the client’s senior management.

·       Gathering of evidence and compilation of case files for submission to clients.

·       Competent with audio and visual covert and overt evidence gathering equipment to determine patterns of life.

·       Working undercover on a short-term task infiltrating an Organised Crime Group.

·       Conversant with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, and European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Articles 6 and 8.


  • OpSec Solutions

    Operations Director
    - Current
    OpSec Solutions


LEVEL 3 - Private Investogator Award

LEVEL 3 - Covert Surveillance Operations

LEVEL 3 - Foot & Mobile Surveillance

LEVEL 3 - Close Protection Operations


Clubs and Associations

UK Private Investigators Network (UKPIN)

World Association of Private Investogators (WAPI)

British Agents (BA)

British Bodygurad Association (BBA)

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