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I will improve and solve all of your sales challenges quickly and efficiently.  Allow me to transform your entire sales process to bring in the untapped sales revenue you deserve. 

Double or even TRIPLE your sales conversions starting today.
I can and will improve every aspect of your sales machine quickly and simply. From running better ads, increasing leads, improving presentations and converting more prospects to streamlining your process.

I will motivate and inspire your sales teams with new found confidence and abilities.

All you need to do is allow me to take a snapshot of your sales machine, this normally takes one full day at no obligation - just pay me for the day. If I cannot find improvements you won't owe me a penny and I will pay you for wasting your time.




  • Smosnet Ltd

    1 - 5 Employees 2021 - Current
    Smosnet Ltd

    Sales and sales training is my passion.

    After leaving the Royal Air Force there wasn't much in the 'working world' which sparked my interest, however I did find an opportunity working part time with a sales organisation who promised me riches beyond my wildest dreams if I would learn the skills needed to sell, recruit & train.  I surpassed both the company and my own expectations but still didn't get rich.

    I got involved in direct sales and it rocked my world, it really changed my thinking on the world of sales and sales training.  Not to mention how big the financial rewards could be needless to say I have now been actively selling products and services for over 30 years.

    Coaching came along in the early 90's and I earned two diplomas in business performance coaching and life coaching,  have been a sales & business coach for 20 years.   

    The world has changed a lot since I began my sales journey. The internet, regulation, cancelation periods, consumer watchdogs have made customers more savvy and will not simply sign on the dotted line for pushy salesmen. 

    Which is only right and proper.  

    So what does that mean to those of us selling for a living? 

    Well, we need to identify and acknowledge things have changed, we need to learn more skills if to survive and the only way forward is to influence prospects into buying from you - rather than your competitors.

    Finding the balance between informative and influential is the key. 

    SMOSNET host in house 1-1 consultations, group courses & venue specific workshops. We can even get involved with recruiting and training your sales team from the ground up.  

    Feel free to get in touch to find out how I may be able to help, I also offer discounted rates for fellow members.

    Kind Regards


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