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A multi-award winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author and Virgin Start Up Mentor.
Over 25 years working with Start Ups to FTSE 100 companies across multiple sectors in UK, Europe and USA.

Marina's dynamic approach brings clarity, strategy and growth to transform companies. Marina lends her expertise as a Business Strategist, Executive Coach and Guest Speaker. She has led numerous change programmes to inspire, educate and transform companies and worked with leading global organizations such as Formula One, Lloyds Bank, MBNA, DreamWorks,Virgin in areas of leadership development, joint venture partnership and strategic business development.

Awards include 'International Business Woman of the Year', 'Start Ups Women in Business', 'Business Start Up Award' and 'Best New Product' from 80 global entrants in recognition of her innovative approach using fast track strategies.

As a result, Marina is now a sought after business coach and guest speaker who inspires audiences at conferences, delivers masterclasses, has a Mentorship programme and shares fast track strategies and stories via a weekly blog called 'Zero to Hero!'.


  • Marina Nicholas

    Multi-award winning Strategic Business Consultant
    - Current


Awards include

·         International Business Woman of the Year

·         DRUM DADI Award ‘Automotive’ product (Tech Sector)

·         Business Start Up award

·         Start Ups Women in Business Award

·         Best New Global Product Award (Entertainment Sector)

·         RED Hot Women Award

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