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Hey, I’m Mhairi, I’m a Life Transformation Coach and I’m on a mission to revolutionise lives from the inside out. 

I help awesome individuals (who may feel the opposite) get unstuck, break through blocks that have held them back so they can live a life they love.  

Aside from "How do I pronounce your name?", the second most common question I get asked by potential clients is "What is Transformation Coaching?"
Awesome question!

In short, Transformation coaching helps you make profound changes to ultimately live happy and fulfilled. Together we take an inside out approach. So unlike traditional life coaching which centres around external changes for surface level shifts, we go a little deeper….but not moonlight meditation deep, don’t worry.

Through our work I help you find and harness your innate power, skills and resilience (whether you believe it’s there or not). Following a process of unlocking blockers and mindful self-awareness you step beyond the psychology that’s been holding you back from living your dream life.  


  • Mhairi Todd - Transformational Coaching

    - Current

Education History

  • Medical Biology

    The University of Edinburgh
    2001 - 2005

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