• Resilience
  • International Standards ISO
  • British Standards BSI
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Risk Register
  • Mass Communications
  • Chief Resilience Officer
  • Contingency Plan testing


We offer a unique bespoke portal (Virtual Chief Resilience Officer) (VCRO), where your contingency plans, any British or International Standards, Risk Register, complete with a methodology of how to react to an emergency is easily accessible in the cloud anytime anywhere, whether it is your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


We will Assess your Business Continuity Management arrangements to ISO 22301.

We will Advise you on your options to get any British or International Standard accreditation.

We will Assist to take action on British/International Standards, Risk Assessments, awareness, build culture, roles and responsibilities, annually test your contingency plans, respond to remedial actions and account management reviews with VCRO bi monthly.


  • Chief Resilience Officer Ltd

    Virtual Chief Resilience Officer
    - Current
    Chief Resilience Officer Ltd

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