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Sim Goldblum has a deep understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively. As both Director of Product Planning and Director of Business Development at Ford of Europe, Sim led large teams and managed significant investment and cost budgets. 

As an independent business consultant, Sim helps business owners and their teams develop new opportunities, address unresolved challenges, build high performance teams and retain their sanity!

Business Development and Growth

You know how businesses struggle to develop successful additional services to help their clients and customers. I solve this by:

  • providing strong business strategy and planning expertise,
  • helping business owners implement the proven business-building system known as THE FORMULA,
  • using the power of Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions to avoid "square-peg syndrome" and
  • providing accredited leadership and management training.


Recruitment, Development and Leadership 


You know how frustrating it is to recruit the wrong person, or when someone you want to retain decides to leave? I solve this:

  • By using bespoke, job-centric job preference questionnaires which focus on the work people enjoy doing,
  • By helping you make the right recruitment decisions and develop your people the way you and they need.
  • By reinforcing your successful recruitment by providing the tools to lead your people in the flexible way they need.


Building successful teams

You know how challenging it is to build effective teams that really help you develop your business. I solve this by using the power of Paradox Theory™ to help you understand how people work together and how to enhance their complementary skills and behaviours.


Professional Services Practice Management  

You know how Professional Practice owners and managers can be overwhelmed by the bureaucracy, regulation and pressure of running an effective practice. I solve this by educating and training Practice Principals and Practice Managers with bespoke practice-based training and by helping them understand effective business techniques.



I have a deep understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively and I focus on leadership, business planning and people recruitment and development, to help business owners secure their future. 

I use my prior experience to listen, diagnose and advise business owners to find their right path. An initial no-cost visit will help scope the opportunity or challenge the business faces. An agreed course of work follows, which may be based on a specific project, consultancy days used, or on a retainer. 

In my roles as Director of Product Planning and Director of Business Development at Ford of Europe, I led large teams and managed significant budgets. As a Board Member of several companies and charities, and a Non-executive Director of a large NHS Hospital Trust, I ensured that leadership, teamwork and respect for people have been paramount. During my consultancy activity in the dental sector, our unique university accredited courses have brought about personal and business transformations, as has my consultancy work with individual businesses, something I find deeply satisfying.




  • maxpotenti ltd

    1 - 5 Employees 2014 - Current
    maxpotenti ltd

    As an accredited Core Asset coach, I help small business grow their sales and profits quickly, by using the proven business-building system known as the FORMULA.

    As an accredited Solutions Provider for global award-winning Harrison Assessments, I work with consultants and business owners to improve their recruitment, onboarding, development and retention of the right people to perform the right roles.

  • The Dentistry Business

    1 - 5 Employees 2005 - Current
  • Ford of Europe

    Director, Product Planning and Project Management
    100+ Employees 2002 - 2004
    • Led team of 200+ business and engineering graduates
    • Maintained consistent and competitive consumer-driven car and van products, adding new, innovative products to European and
    • Global Product Investment Plan, at major new levels of efficiency
    • Revised project management process and gateway disciplines, leading to substantial y-o-y performance improvements
    • Restructured team to reflect substantial personnel reduction needs, while improving employee satisfaction ratings
  • Ford of Europe

    Director, Diversified Consumer Services
    100+ Employees 1999 - 2002
    • Developed European after-market business growth strategy; developed plan to increase revenue by $1.5bn; Progressed 5 major targets - deferred following change in strategic direction - and supported Kwik-Fit in 2 acquisitions
    • Introduced major performance indicator process in new acquisitions, doubled size of 1 Company and then initiated and led restructuring, achieving much improved results; established new business units for new ventures
    • Developed and piloted new business concepts for Indian and other markets
  • Ford of Europe

    New Product Development
    100+ Employees 1977 - 1998
    • Various leadership positions in car and powertrain new product development and marketing
    • Led business and product strategy teams in several vehicle and powertrain sectors
    • Managed new product implemetation teams to achieve successful launches
    • Led successful joint venture negotations with European and Japanese manufacturers
  • SG Consultants

    1 - 5 Employees 2004 - 2008
    • Led development and negotiation of Joint Venture in China for UK client with Chinese companies
    • Independent business coach, providing Business Strategy, M+A and Operations Improvement coaching and support to small business
    • Worked with European and Russian automotive companies on engine JV development
    • Provided training module  in M+A for Manchester Business School students and in Negotiation Techniques to small business professionals.

Education History

  • Economics

    University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    1966 - 1969
  • Manchester Grammar School
    1958 - 1966


Accredited Leadership trainer

Accredited user, trainer and distributor of customisable, job-specific, work preference assessments

Clubs and Associations

BNI Olympians, Manchester 2015-16


Interests and Hobbies

Watching live music performances and theatre, football, cricket, golf and athletics

Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, the RSC, Theatre of Dreams


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