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I launched KariaCare in honour of my mother, Karia. My mother relied on the care of her family members in the later stages of her life and this inspired a desire to establish and provide a care system to vulnerable people, especially those, whom like mother, lack fundamental access to care. Moreover this allowed me to see the effect a carer can have on a person's well being as well as the emotional and psychological strain that comes with caring for a loved one.
It is for this reason that KariaCare focuses on two key areas based on a holistic approach: providing multifarious services of care and providing specialist and experienced carers. At KariaCare, we provide for people from all backgrounds and for people of all needs.
Over the course of my career as a community carer, I noticed there are many vulnerable people who were not receiving adequate care or were in isolation due to lack of capacity, disabilities, language barriers or even lack of knowledge on where to enquire on how and where to get help. It upsets me that such basic human needs were unaccounted for and it is for this reason that we, at KariaCare esteem ourselves with an ethos to account for the unaccounted with diligence and authenticity.
Here at KariaCare, we emphasise inclusivity and our ability to provide for all care needs. No human need is too simple or basic and all needs contribute to our overall well being.
Rosine Monteiro
Director and Founder of KariaCare

- June 2020
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