Kul Verma 's Testimonial

College of Policing - Direct Entry Programme, Bridget Maddalone

Hi Kul

I hope this email finds you well.

Feedback from your session and that week has been provided and on the whole extremely positive around your input, thank you.

I have listed direct quotes to give you a feel from the forms submitted, each point represents a different feedback submission

• “I really enjoyed the sessions, engaging and different. Especially the Equality and Diversity Session.”

• “Equality and diversity session it was also engaging with good debates facilitated” – “I expected to touch more on legislation as relevant to the exam”
• “As a whole it was a good few days giving us interesting debates which may serve us well in future conversations, but again want more input specifically on legislation relevant to exam.” ( all 3 comments from same form).

• “Valuing difference session was very interactive and engaging”

• “The equality session was well delivered and posed some very good questions, at what kind of leader I am , and those values I hold which are non-negotiable”

• “Good level of interaction and engagement in the different session – good range of delivery styles” (relating to the week too)

• Weekly overview “Interesting group discussion around these topics I gained a good feeling of group dynamics and internal values. I learnt some valuable lessons from other group members”

• ?What have you learnt about yourself? - “Good grasp of equality, inclusion & difference very supportive of colleagues.”

• “Valuing difference and inclusion – good session, very engaging.”

• “The valuing difference and inclusion input was very good”

• “Diversity was a good debate acknowledging the group differences”

- May 2020
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